Good PR: Words Are Not Enough

A good communications strategy is worthless if it can’t be backed up by action, particularly in a time of crisis.  The Australian Defence Force’s recent outreach into the Pacific – Indo Pacific Endeavour 2018 – highlighted the importance of being able to deliver on a promise. Among the key messages were the importance of country-to-country relationships that exist […]

Crisis Communications: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

There are no secrets to successful crisis communications: it’s all about thinking clearly, using common sense and being open and honest. It doesn’t matter whether the crisis is a small one that has limited public impact, or a major incident that will attract international headlines, damage corporate reputation and share price and potentially cause injury […]

An International PR Challenge

Public Relations executives are often thrust into new environments, working with people you’ve never met on a subject matter that you have no knowledge about with high expectations of success. After wiping away the cold sweat, what do you do? I was involved in the recent highly anticipated King’s Cup, an historically important rowing race […]

Good Communications Powers Business

There is more to successful major infrastructure or engineering businesses than simply building and doing things well… Effective communications with key stakeholders can ultimately make or break a company. Victoria’s biggest infrastructure project, the Westgate Tunnel, has invested in developing strong internal communications’ policies and systems. These processes are important for keeping all employees informed […]