Challenge Community Services

JT Comms has been engaged to provide media and communications support.

Challenge Community Services is one of the largest community support services in New South Wales, providing support to more than 2,500 people from Albury to Lismore, Sydney, Dubbo, Tamworth, and beyond.

It employs over 900 staff, more than 90 of which have a disability and has grown with more than 100 sites across NSW and Queensland.

Through its Disability Services, Foster Care, Therapeutic Services, and Business Services, Challenge provides choice, independence and inclusion to support people in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

Challenge’s vision is to create a world where everyone belongs and everyone grows. That’s why Challenge has created one inclusive community.

JT Comms provides strategic advice and support – working with media and engaging with staff and key stakeholders.

Challenge Community Services

Newcastle, New South Wales